Be on the lookout, more federal doctors on the way!

FedDoctor is in hot pursuit of new federal doctors that want to help you with your OWCP claim. We never stop looking for new physicians and medical providers that specifically take the time to learn the intricacies of the federal workers compensation system.

The OWCP is confusing and can be very hard to deal with. Any work related injury claim can cause stress from the claimant’s point of view. It is common for many claimants that get injured on the job to develop some form of depression secondary to the physical injury. The stress that is caused by having to deal with the pain and uncertainty, coupled with the paperwork headache of having to meet all of the paper and reporting requirements that the federal workers compensation office requires.

Finding a quality care provider that understands what you need as a patient and as a claimant can be extremely difficult. It was even harder before FedDoctor! We pursue the very best care providers that work with OWCP claimants. Whether you need surgery, or an impairment evaluation, we want you to get the care that you need, and get your claim going in the right direction.

Check back soon, a lot is happening!

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