FedDoctor is making headway!

Our job is to find federal doctors who understand the OWCP and federal workers compensation systems. Then we have to find you and connect you with a physician who understands how to both treat your medical condition and complete all the required documentation for your federal claim.

While we have only existed for a few short months, we are already starting to gain traction with federal and postal unions nationwide. Thousands of individuals are using our site to search for the doctor that can help them finally get the medical attention that they need. Even respected federal sites like postalmag.com and postalreporter.com and the OWCP Classroom are taking notice and helping the fellow federal employees find FedDoctor.com.

This service is revolutionary to all federal employees. One of the biggest hurdles with any OWCP claim for an at-work injury is finding the doctors who have experience dealing with the OWCP, yet have the interest in caring for the injured federal worker.

Stay tuned to FedDoctor.com. We are growing rapidly and adding doctors around the country to help all federal employees find the medical care that they need to fight the OWCP. Whether you need a orthopedic surgeon, a physiatrist, or a pain management doctor, FedDoctor is here to look for a qualified physician in your area to help you get your treatment and documentation. We are always looking to add specialties and locations as long as the doctors are qualified and have a special interest in helping federal employees.

The OWCP and federal workers compensation in general is confusing, and having a doctor who is qualified to help you can be the difference in whether your benefits are given┬áto you appropriately. Why trust anyone who doesn’t understand the intricate details and differences between state and federal workers comp?

So whether you have a federal attorney or are going against the OWCP on your own, FedDoctor is the place to find doctors who can help. Now help us help you! You can Follow us on Twitter @FedDoctor or Like our Facebook page. We have great blogs that are full of useful information that are updated nearly everyday.

This is your chance to help others discover what you have found. Be the first in your local union meeting to tell others that hope has finally arrived for those injured on the job.

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