New Orthopedic Surgeon in California! is proud to announce that Dr. Moshe. H. Wilker is now a member of the FedDoctor community! Dr. Wilker is a board certified orthopedic surgeon that accepts OWCP Department of Labor patients. While focusing on spinal surgery, Dr. Wilker also operates on joints like shoulders, knees, and hips, among others.

Dr. Wilker’s main office location in Los Angeles, but also has satellite locations in Rancho Cucamonga, Newport, Fullerton and even up in Fresno California! Dr. Wilker, while certainly a leader in his field, is also very passionate about helping federal employees that have suffered on-the-job injuries. He knows that the OWCP can be a very frustrating government agency to work with, but dedicates a part of his practice to understanding the federal workers compensation rules and regulations to ensure his patients get the care that they need.

FedDoctor couldn’t be happier to welcome Dr. Wilker and his entire staff to the site. Give him a call to discuss your treatment options and see how they can help you navigate your OWCP claim.

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