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OWCP Forms 101

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Which form does what? Of course most federal employees are not familiar with OWCP forms because they’ve never had an on the job injury. But if you or someone you know does ever have an injury, you must know which forms do what!

Here is a quick and simple refreshment to help us all remember some of the most important forms involved with OWCP Federal Workers Compensation claims.

CA-1  Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuance of Compensation

CA-2  Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation

CA-2a  Notice of Recurrence

CA-7  Claim for Compensation (leave without pay, leave buy back, other wages, schedule award)

CA-10  What a federal employee should do when injured at work

CA-17  Duty Status Report

CA-20  Attending Physician’s Report

OWCP-5a  Work Capacity Evaluation Psychiatric/Psychological Conditions

OWCP-5b  Work Capacity Evaluation Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Conditions

OWCP-5c  Work Capacity Evaluation Musculoskeletal Conditions

OWCP-915  Claim for Medical Reimbursement

OWCP-957  Medical Travel Refund Request

There are many more forms that may be used during the course of a federal employees workers compensation claim and you can find the full list and links to these forms here.

If your doctor is not familiar with these forms, share this information with them. It is vitally important to all federal employees with ongoing OWCP workers compensation claims that their doctor understands how to help them keep their ligament claim alive! This again is why exists. To help connect injured federal employees with doctors who understand OWCP.



Orthopedic Surgeon in Beverly Hills Helps Federal Employees!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


Great news for Southern California… Dr. Steven Meier at the Center for Progressive Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery helps federal employees! is very proud to help connect injured federal employees with Dr. Steven Meier and his wonderful team.

Dr. Meier’s office is located on the famous Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. His focus is on injures and he is dedicated to providing each patient with highest quality of care possible.

Dr. Meier is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and offers multiple treatment options including therapy, exercise programs, rehabilitation and minimally invasive surgical options. When surgery is necessary, the most current technologies are used which result in less postoperative pain and a faster recovery.

OWCP Federal Workers Compensation claimants are welcome! Dr. Meier has years of experience in helping individuals with work related injuries. He is also familiar with the AMA Guides 6th edition and can help you with your impairment rating examination for your OWCP schedule award.

Visit Dr. Meier’s website at or contact his office directly at (310) 777-7845.



Arizona Injury Medical Associates

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Dr. Adarmes and the whole team over at Arizona Injury Medical Associates are doing an outstanding job for Federal Employees. is very proud to help more Federal Employees connect with their office.



AIMA offers full service pain management, EMG and NCV Studies, second opinion consultations, disability evaluations and comprehensive medical case management.

AIMA also specializes in impairment ratings for all federal employees with OWCP claims from all around the country. The staff and doctors at Arizona Injury Medical Associates care about your physical and emotional well being. With their friendly staff and Double Board Certified Doctors who are experts in injured workers and personal injury victims, you will be in good hands.

Click Here to learn more about their office or go visit their brand new website at!



Dr. Benson has 3 locations in Texas to Help Federal Employees!

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Dr. Les Benson has been treating and helping injured and disabled federal employees for several years.  All federal employees in Texas need to become familiar with Dr. Benson and his excellent team. is very proud to help more federal employees connect with such a great doctor!


When you are an injured federal employee with an accepted OWCP claim, you know if can be very difficult to establish a treating physician.  And it is almost impossible to find one that will “go to bat” for you against the OWCP.  Dr. Benson understands this and can help you. Dr. Benson offers treatment, rehabilitation services, in-house physical therapy, disability and impairment rating examinations, and more.

Dr. Benson currently has offices in Temple, Waco, and Fort Worth.

Learn more about Dr. Benson and how he can help you!



Thanks for making our newsletter a success!

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Not only are we constantly finding new doctors to help federal employees with the workers compensation medical files, we are trying to spread the word that help is finally here!

Our newsletter went out to over 2000 federal employees, union officials, and federal doctors across the country. We received an overwhelming positive response and are happy to know that you are interested in finding these types of quality care providers. Federal workers compensation can be tricky, and dealing with the OWCP can frustrate anyone. Whether you have a federal attorney or not, you need a federal doctor.

To find a federal doctor, some people have had to go to great lengths and travel amazing distances. Now with, you can find one in your own backyard! Thanks for helping us tell the federal community about our free service and how they can help others and themselves get the medical treatment they need for their federal workers comp claim.

Why should you tell your union about FedDoctor?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Because it will help your fellow members!

FedDoctor is an important tool in the lives of the federal employee. If you get injured on the job and need medical care, finding a doctor who dedicates a portion of their practice to federal workers compensation can be difficult, but can also be the difference in whether you get your benefits. It is always best to see this type of doctor immediately after the injury. If you can inform your union about, they can make sure that injured employees get the type of treatment they need right away.

Understanding where the OWCP is

Monday, September 19th, 2011

The Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) is a branch under the Department of Labor (DOL). It specifically adjudicates and governs the laws under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). They deal with all the rules and regulations under the federal workers compensation system.

The OWCP has offices spread throughout the United States and they try to work your file at a nearby office. District Offices are located in Boston (District 1), Philadelphia (3), New York City (2), Washington, D.C. (25), Jacksonville, FL (6), Cleveland (9), Chicago (10), Kansas City (11), Dallas (16), Denver (12), San Francisco (13) and Seattle (14). Your OWCP claims numbers will start with a two digit number signifying the district office the claim was originated in. However anyone who has dealt with OWCP knows that all the mail is sent to London, KY.

The London, KY office is simply a mail room. There are no claims examiners there at all. All submissions are scanned into an electronic database and forwarded to the appropriate district office. Remember that people in all of these districts need medical care and are looking for qualified federal OWCP doctors who can help them get the care they need and benefits they deserve. That is why FedDoctor exists.

Tell your friends and coworkers not to fight OWCP alone. Visit today and get started on recovery.

What if there is no local federal doctor where you live?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

This is important! We need your help and so do all of your co-workers and fellow federal employees. If no doctor comes up in your zip code search, please leave us your contact information. Once we find a doctor in your area we will contact you to let you know. We may be in the process of adding a new federal doctor in your local community right now and would have no way of informing you unless we have your contact information.

In the interim, you can search the zip code of your closest major city to see if one is there. You might be interested in a commute if it meant help with your OWCP claim.

Federal workers compensation claims are difficult and confusing. An OWCP doctor is working for the agency to determine if you are ready to return to work. A federal doctor, like the ones found on our site, is on your side making sure you are treated fairly. We want to help you find quality care and get the documentation that you need for your claim.

While you may not need to be anywhere near a federal attorney, we know that you need a doctor that you can see for treatment. However, if you need an impairment rating in order to file for a schedule award, most of our member doctors are familiar with how to rate using the 6th Edition of the AMA Guides. You do not need to treat regularly with them; you can visit them for a one time appointment.

Remember, you can help us and your fellow federal employees by leaving us your information and continuing to check our blogs, Twitter, and Facebook for udpdates on new doctors as we continue to find them.

How far am I allowed to travel to see a federal doctor?

Monday, September 12th, 2011

This is a great question. You can travel any distance to see any doctor that you choose. The OWCP will reimburse claimants for necessary travel expenses when they go to see the doctor for an accepted federal workers compensation claim. However there are some limitations on the reimbursement.

Some OWCP Claims Examiners might not want to reimburse you for travel expenses if you are traveling extraordinarily long distances. If there are no doctors near to you, it may be permitted and approved. However, you are still allowed to see any doctor that you want, you just might not get paid for your travel expenses.

At FedDoctor, our goal is to find great federal doctors and help you connect with them. We do not charge you anything for our service. We think that you deserve quality medical care for your OWCP injury claim. Help us to spread the word and find more doctors! If you know one, tell us about them!!!

Causation is key to an accepted OWCP claim

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Whenever a federal employee gets hurt at work, the most important factor in determining whether the OWCP will accept the claim is causation.

Causation is simply the rationale that factors of employment have contributed to the injury. The most important person or persons in determining causation is your treating physician(s). Their opinion of the cause of the medical condition or conditions is a major determining factor as to whether your claim gets accepted or not.

Many doctors do not have experience working with the OWCP and are unfamiliar with their procedures and regulations. At FedDoctor, we try to locate the very best physicians who have experience and an interest in helping federal employees with their workers comp claims.

Search for your new doctor now and find out how to get your claim accepted!


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