What type of Federal Doctor do I need for my OWCP claim?

Depending on what type of injury or illness you have, there are a variety of different specialists that can treat your conditions. FedDoctor.com cannot provide every type of specialist in every region in the country, but we are trying to fill our network with as many as we can find.

Remember that a federal doctor is simply a doctor who understands the federal workers compensation system and how to work with OWCP to get your claim heading in the right direction and get you on the road to recovery. If you have a federal workers compensation attorney working on your file, the right doctor can provide the medical evidence that they will need to help you win your claim.

General practitioners, orthopedics, neurologists, pain management, and psychiatrists are the most commonly used physicians in the federal realm and that is what we focus on in our network. However, they might be able to help you find other specialists if you need one. Seeing a doctor regularly can build your case and help you in the future with your OWCP benefits.

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