Why doesn’t FedDoctor have federal doctors everywhere?

Thanks to a recent comment on our Facebook page, (please Like!) we thought it would be a good idea to inform our subscribers and viewers to learn about why FedDoctor doesn’t have a federal doctor in every city.

First, FedDoctor would love to bring that type of coverage to the entire country and we are actively looking for new federal doctors all of the time. We want every federal employee with a workers compensation injury to get top quality medical care in their local commuting area.

Because the federal government workers compensation system and OWCP have made the process of treating patients more difficult than simply visiting a doctor under your private health insurance, many doctors make a business decision to not accept OWCP as a form of payment. Additionally, the federal workers comp system requires an unusually high volume of paperwork and documentation. Many doctors are not interested in committing the massive amount of time necessary to fully understand all that is required to successfully treat and help federal employees with work related injuries.

This leaves a void for the federal compensation claimant. Finding a doctor that is willing to take on the OWCP and also understands the paperwork and billing differences can be difficult, especially if the state that they practice in has significantly different laws. It would be like learning a new language.

To make it even harder for the doctor to justify the time necessary to help federal claimants the right way, there are far fewer federal employees than non-federal. Only 1 in 50 working Americans may even be covered under the OWCP. It would follow that only 1 in 50 doctors, within a specialty, would consider the focus on a federal practice a prudent business decision.

That is why the doctors on this site are so helpful. They dedicate an enormous amount of time to understanding the OWCP and the federal workers compensation rules and regulations.

Help us find more doctors that want to help federal employees! If you are treating with a great doctor for an ongoing federal workers compensation claim, give us their name and we will contact them about their interest in expanding their practice even more! Ask your coworkers and union members who they see when they get hurt on the job. We want to have doctors on this site for every federal employee!


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