Why OWCP Requires “Additional Medical Evidence”

Many federal employees that file a workers compensation claim with the OWCP receive a response requesting additional medical evidence before the OWCP will render a decision on their claim. This can be frustrating to the claimant as well as to their treating physician.

Most doctors have little experience working with the OWCP and don’t understand why they won’t connect the dots and approve their patients claim. The unfortunate reality is that the OWCP requires that the cause of injury is well specifically and thoroughly spelled out for them in easy to understand terms.

Many doctors that haven’t spent much time on federal workers compensation cases don’t expect this level of critique for their work, but using diagnostics, objective findings and a detailed narrative are often required for the Office of Workers¬†Compensation Programs ¬†to approve a claim. A “causation report” outlining the history of the injury or aggravation of a preexisting injury can be very important to the acceptance of a claim.

Make sure your doctor has extensive experience with the OWCP and their unusual requirements. If your physician or care provider isn’t familiar with the federal workers compensation system, it may be a good idea to find a doctor who can help you document your claim and work on your medical file. Treatment and recovery are most important, but paperwork and compensation can be the difference in a successful federal claim.

FedDoctor.com is here as a trusted and free resource for federal employees who can’t find a local doctor to take on the OWCP. We scour the nation looking for federal doctors that are both interested in helping and knowledgeable of these situations. Start searching now to find a doctor near you!

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  1. OWCP has finally said they’d pay for my surgery for the excepted condition after 4 years of fighting against me!! Now, I want to know when will they pay me.

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