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The Gap

Injured federal employees with ongoing workers compensation claims with OWCP all seem to have one common issue: They can’t find a doctor who understands or cares about the federal system. is here to erase that problem

The federal government employs over 2.5 million men and women all over the country. Every year, over 150,000 of them file a federal workers compensation claim. Many of them never get the adequate treatment or compensation that they are entitled to because of a lack in appropriate medical care and documentation.

Physicians everywhere understand treatment, but few understand how it is related to federal workers compensation claims and the OWCP claims process. Many of the authorization, billing, and procedure techniques are different for federal claims than state law workers compensation. If your doctor does not specifically spend time learning the differences in the systems, you may be missing out on benefits and setting yourself up for more trouble in the future.

Correct diagnosis is always important in the medical field, but getting the workers compensation office to understand the cause and sequence of injury events is vital. The lack of doctors who specialize in this led us to seek out and find physicians that dedicate a portion of their practice to federal injury claims. Because of this gap in providers, was created.

At no cost to the patient, you can search geographically to find a local provider that not only wants to help you get well, but help you get what you are entitled to. By learning how to operate in accordance with federal workers compensation law, these providers have a head start.

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