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Enter your Zip Code to search your local area. The search results will display which doctors are near you. All of these doctors are selected based upon their knowledge of the federal workers compensation and federal disability retirement systems. Select a local doctor and submit your appointment request to schedule an appointment to see your new federal doctor.

These physicians have a special interest in federal employees and their health care. They have devoted a portion of their practice to becoming better informed about federal workers compensation law and how it affects your medical care. The Department of Labor’s Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) will allow you to see the doctor of your choosing. However, it is often difficult to find a physician who is interested, let alone understands the OWCP system.

Whether you need to have surgery, physical therapy, treatments, or an Impairment rating performed for a Schedule Award, you can find a provider on that can help. All member providers are knowledgeable of 6th Edition AMA Guides regional impairment ratings as required by the OWCP.

If you are in a remote area, or if a Zip Code search turns up no results, please leave us your information so we can find a doctor in your area who knows how to help you. Odds are we are already communicating with a nearby physician and are in the process of adding them to the network.

With a growing list of providers, is committed to helping federal employees find doctors who care!


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