What if no doctors come up when I search?

If no doctors populate the search results for FedDoctor.com when you enter your zip code, we need your information even more!

Many doctors who are very capable of helping federal employees do not take the time to learn the differences between federal and state workers compensation systems because they do not understand the need. While there are millions of federal employees nationwide, they are vastly outnumbered by non federal workers.

Leaving your contact information will allow us to educate a potential federal doctor about how many federal employees need their help. We will only use your zip code as a statistic of that doctor’s region. We will not pass your personal information to them unless they exhibit the necessary knowledge of the OWCP process.

Remember, we are continuously searching for great doctors throughout the country and as soon as we find one near you, we can connect you to them to get you the treatment that you need. We need your help spreading the word throughout the federal community that help is on the way!

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