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Federal Workers Compensation

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

When federal employees are injured on the job, the Office of Workers Compensation Programs is responsible for helping them with medical expenses and compensation. The OWCP has a number of different district offices that adjudicate claims. Cities like Chicago, IL, Jacksonville, FL, and San Francisco, CA are all homes to OWCP District offices.

Whenever a CA-1, CA-2 or CA-2a is filed at a government agency, the claim is forwarded to the appropriate district office. There, it is assigned to a Claims Examiner for review. The Claims Examiner will determine whether the claim has merit based on the medical evidence in the file. This is why finding a doctor that understands the federal workers compensation system is so important.

Federal workers comp is very different from state law comp. As such, most medical providers do not know how to distinguish between the sets of rules that they must follow and the burdens that they have between the two. That is why works so hard to establish an easy way for injured federal employees to find quality medical care from a federal doctor for their OWCP claim.

Remember the term ‘federal doctor’ doesn’t actually distinguish anything different about the medical care. A physician maybe be called a federal doctor, or OWCP doctor simply because of their familiarity with the federal compensation system. has sought to find only the best doctors for the injured federal worker and make their presence more known to the federal community.

Remember that having a credible physician that understands the OWCP process and how to help you with you federal workers compensation claim is crucial in having a successful workers compensation claim and gives you the best chance of returning to work after a productive recovery.

Whether you have a minor injury that will heal in a few days, or a major medical condition that may permanently end your career, the right federal doctor can make all the difference in what is covered by the OWCP, and what isn’t. Use FedDoctor for free to find a local doctor that understands the federal workers compensation system. Tell your friends, family, coworkers and union about FedDoctor and let us know if there is no doctor near you, or if you know a great federal doctor that needs to be listed here!

We never want to see anyone injured or struggling with a federal workers compensation claim, but if you are, search our site for information that may change your claim and your life.


Big news coming in Texas!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Federal employees, stay tuned! FedDoctor has big news coming in the state of Texas. We are always looking for more doctors to help injured federal employees that have federal workers compensation injury claims. Doctors that are familiar with the OWCP and how to help you get the appropriate treatment and benefits are hard to find. Check back with us soon to learn more about the breaking news in the Lonestar State. More soon…



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