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Find a local Federal Doctor

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 helps you find local federal doctors that understand how the OWCP works and what is required by the federal workers compensation system. These doctors do not work for the federal government. They are private practice individuals and groups that strive to treat and help federal employees that have on the job injury claims with the US government.

FedDoctor is unique as the only place on the web to find doctors that are actively looking for new patients under the OWCP rules and regulations. They want to treat your injury! Most doctors do not understand what the federal workers comp rules require. Many doctors and medical professionals want to treat patients, but often do not have an interest in the paperwork requirements that go into an OWCP claim.

FedDoctor has located the best doctors across the country that understand what the federal employee goes through when they are hurt on the job. They want to help you with the treatment, documentation, and even the impairment ratings that you need for a successful case and even a schedule award. It is easy to see why they are unique!

We always want to add more doctors that are interested in working with federal employees. They are hard to come by, but when we do find one, we want you to know about them. Let us know if you know a good one, or if you are looking for them.

Share with your friends and coworkers to let them know that there is a place to find the right doctor for your claim.

OWCP doctors help you with medical evidence and treatment

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Federal employees that get hurt on the job have a difficult journey ahead of them in dealing with the OWCP. Between documenting the cause of injury, diagnosing the conditions and getting those conditions accepted, and working hard to make sure that all treatments are approved through the workers compensation office, the process can be made a lot easier if you work with a federal doctor.

Many doctors can provide treatment. Finding a doctor who understands the differences between state comp and the the OWCP system can be a game changer. That is why FedDoctor exists. We strive to find the very best doctors all across the country that want to help federal employees with their federal workers compensation claims.

OWCP doctors do not exist everywhere. In fact, they can be very hard to find. Some doctors might have you in for the initial consultation, then realize that you are a federal employee with a workers comp claim. If they don’t spend a significant portion of their time working with OWCP claims, they may not be interested in continuing to treat you, or deal with the paperwork involved with your claim.

Use FedDoctor for free to find a local doctor that understands the federal workers compensation system. If you search and we don’t have one near you, let us know! we are always looking for more quality federal doctors and we want to find one in you area. We want to tell them that you are searching for them! Leave us your information so we can send you an email once we find one.

If you have a good federal doctor, tell us who they are, we want to send them more patients. Keep using FedDoctor and tell your friends and coworkers, or share it at your union meeting. We will keep finding doctors and bringing them to you free of charge!

Chicago Has a FedDoctor!!!!

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Disability and Impairment Advocates is taking federal workers compensation patients in the Chicago area!!!

Dr. Harold Pye, the Medical Director for Disability and Impairment Advocates, has been involved with federal and postal employee health care for years and we are happy to have him as a part of the FedDoctor team.

Visit his listing and make your appointment now to start getting the treatment that you are entitled to under your federal workers compensation claim. Finding a good federal doctor who understand all of the requirements involved in an OWCP claim can be very difficult. FedDoctor never stops trying to find the very best physicians and care providers to get you the treatment you deserve.

Welcome Dr. Pye and the Disability and Impairment Advocates team!


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