How OWCP works with ACS

Many federal employees with OWCP claims have become familiar with ACS.

ACS Inc., short for Affiliated Computer Services, is a massive, private company that is contracted by many of world’s largest corporations to handle information services and business process outsourcing. ACS was a Fortune 500 hundred company until it was acquired by Xerox in 2010. As of the acquisition date, ACS employed over 74,000.

What that means to the federal workers compensation claimant is that your medical providers have to work with the ACS to get paid for the health care services that they provide to you under FECA (Federal Employee Compensation Act).

When you go to see your doctor, they have to submit their bill to the ACS, not the OWCP for payment.

The OWCP directs any injured federal employee to what is known as the ACS medical provider portal to find a doctor once an injury has occurred. This list is enormous. It includes any doctor that has ever applied for a provider number from ACS. This list is not full of doctors that want to treat injured federal employees. It includes second opinion doctors, referee doctors, and scores of doctors that at one time tried to get paid for a service. This in on way guarantees that they are interested in helping you now.

FedDoctor was brought to life based on this issue. Federal employees need a place that they can find quality medical providers that specifically want to help them when they are injured at work.

We strive to find doctors that support federal employees. Search now and get started on your recovery.

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