Why should you tell your friends about FedDoctor?

FedDoctor.com does not charge federal employees for any reason! We are here simply to help federal employees find doctors who truly understand the federal workers compensation process.

Federal doctors who understand the OWCP system and truly care about their patients’ conditions and paperwork are extremely difficult to find. That’s part of the reason that FedDoctor has taken off! Once federal employees who have been injured on the job catch wind of the fact that there is a place to find quality physicians who understand the OWCP, they can’t get to our site fast enough!

This is your chance to help your co-workers. If they can get in to see a quality doctor who can help them with their paperwork, they are more likely to get back to full health and return to work. If they have suffered a severe injury and will not be able to return to work, they need help getting started on their retirement claims. A federal doctor can help them get the medical treatment and documentation to help them through the process.

Tell your friends and union members. Like our Facebook page and Follow our Twitter feed and blog posts. We are constantly writing material that we think may come in useful to you or someone that you care about. Remember, no one wants to get hurt at work. At least now, you have a place to go to find help.

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