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AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. is growing!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Having spent years trying to serve federal employees that have been injured on the job, we are so excited that others are beginning to recognize the need to provide excellent medical care and documentation for OWCP claimants. AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. has been supporting injured federal employees all over the state of Florida since 2009. In the past year they have opened up new locations in Fairfax, VA (Washington, DC) and two offices in Puerto Rico.

We love the passion AmeriMed carries for helping our nation’s civil servants. Watching them fully grasp the concepts and understand the need for the physician to complete the required paperwork is a fulfillment of our hopes. Make sure to check AmeriMed out if you live in Tampa, Orlando, or Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico, or near Washington, DC.

Whether you need a causation report, duty status report or a 6th Ed. AMA guides impairment evaluation, AmeriMed can provide the documentation that you need for you

Keep an eye out to see how they grow and continue and help injured federal employees and share FedDoctor with your friends and co-workers. Remember, our goal is to help federal employees that have ongoing OWCP claims and are fighting for their federal workers compensation rights, find great doctors.

Why Federal Doctors are important, and becoming more so

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Federal workers compensation and OWCP are very small portion of the entire country’s workers compensation system. For every federal employee, their are more than 50 non-federal workers.

Each state individually organizes and regulates worker compensation laws for employees in that state. That is not just state government employees, but all workers, public and private, that are employed within that state, with the exclusion of federal employees. Doctors in each state know the rules and regulations of their own state, and few of them understand the differences when dealing with the OWCP.

Over the past few years, there has been an overall decline in how the laws within the individual state favor the injured employee. State comp attorneys and healthcare providers are finding it more difficult to help injured workers. Texas and California are two states that have seen serious attacks on workers rights over the last decade.

This is leaving some looking for new ways to earn revenue, and some are turning to federal compensation as an avenue to fill the void left behind. has been working hard for years to help federal employees find the right doctors that can help them navigate the sometimes tough and confusing rules under the OWCP.

It won’t stop now.

We are actively pursuing more physicians to make sure that they truly understand how important their role is in the life of a federal comp claim. You can continue to trust us to make sure that federal claims get the help they need.

If you have a doctor that helps federal employees, talk to them or recommend them to us. We will investigate to see if they are a good fit to help other federal employees get quality healthcare.

Tell your Union about FedDoctor

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

For an injured federal employee, it is vital to understand the importance of going to see a federal workers compensation doctor. The federal workers comp process is confusing, and not all doctors understand the system or even take DOL or OWCP cases. If your normal doctor does not understand how to help you file for your OWCP claim, you might not receive all of the benefits that you are entitled to. Even worse, your claim might be denied altogether if it is filed incorrectly or poorly.

At, our doctors focus a portion of their practice entirely on seeing injured federal employees and helping them with their claims and paperwork. Our OWCP doctors can help you fairly and justifiably attain the benefits that you deserve, and if they find out that you have some kind of functional impairment, most of our doctors can even help you file for and receive a schedule award under the AMA 6th Edition system.

So where does your union fit into this? Your co-workers and fellow union members look to your union for support and information. When people get injured, they will ask around, seeking information on what to do next. And that’s why we want your union to be familiar with It’s completely free to use the website to find an OWCP doctor, and if your union is directing people to go to, your inured fellow co-workers will be that much closer to getting their benefits.

So talk to your union today about, so that they can help spread the word. We want all federal employees to know how to find an OWCP doctor when needed.


Finding a federal doctor to help with your OWCP claim

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Federal employees live and work in every part of our country. Some work at desks, processing all sorts of paperwork while others are on the front lines of protecting our national security. One constant is that all of them work with varying levels of injury risk and are sometimes injured as a result of their employment.

When a federal employee is injured on the job, they must file a workers compensation claim with the Department of Labor’s Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP). They are assigned a claim number and a claims examiner makes a determination on the merits of the file and either accepts or denies the claim. If the claim is accepted, the injured federal employee is allowed to get medical care under the OWCP claim and all medical expenses that arise in connection with the approved injury are covered by the federal government. If the injury is severe and the claimant needs to miss work as a result, they are eligible to file for Lost Wage Compensation and be paid while they are off. Payments are made tax free at the rate of 75% is the worker has dependents and 66% if they do not.

If the claim is denied, the claimant can appeal the decision and submit more compelling medical documentation that supports their claim.

At FedDoctor, we try to help injured federal employees find doctors who understand what the OWCP requires to accept a claim, and then treat the injured worker and provide the types of reports and documentation to help them secure the federal workers compensation benefits that they are entitled to.

Your doctor plays one of, if not the most important roles in your claim. Every benefit you want, need, or are entitled to must come on the basis of medical rationale. If the medical file doesn’t warrant the treatments or payments, it will usually not get approved. If your doctor doesn’t understand the federal system, they often get frustrated and lose interest in working with you and your claims examiner. Finding a doctor that does understand can make all of the difference.

If you are looking for a good doctor to help you, consider using our search tool at FedDoctor. We do our best to find doctors all over the country that take a special interest in treating federal employees with OWCP claims. You can find them for an impairment rating under the 6th Edition of the AMA Guides, or switch to them as your primary care for the at-work injury.

We are actively searching the nation for more doctors that can help you. Please subscribe to our blog or like our Facebook or Follow our Twitter account. We update and post information that is useful to injured federal employees as well as announce new doctors on our site. Our goal is to have a FedDoctor member near every federal employee in the country. Let us know if you have heard of a doctor who helps federal employees or if you see one yourself.


OWCP closed the claim, now what?

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Many federal employees run into an issue with the Office of Workers Compensation Programs when a claim is closed. OWCP can close a file for a number of reasons, but a few of the common instances are when no activity has been seen for an extended period of time, or if the Claims Examiner determines through medical evidence that the condition has resolved.

The problem is that sometimes those reasons aren’t an accurate description of what is happening in the file. The long period of inactivity may be caused because the claimant’s treating doctor has been using the injured worker’s private insurance, instead of billing the OWCP. The adverse medical information may have come from a second opinion doctor that doesn’t understand the full scope of the at-work injury.

Either of these reasons can cause a major headache to the federal workers compensation claimant. A closed claim means that the employee can no longer seek medical care under the OWCP claim. They are also no longer eligible for compensation benefits, either periodic or schedule award. Finding a way to reopen a file can take lots of time and energy that most injured federal employees simply don’t have. is working hard to locate and showcase doctors around the country that specifically understand the nuances of the federal compensation system. A doctor that knows how to reopen a case can get you back on the right track.

Your treating physician, or new federal doctor, will need to write a report to ask the claims examiner to reopen the file. The report needs to be specific about how the original injury has not resolved and that future treatment is required. A causation report about the injury is also helpful. Perhaps this treatment isn’t even going to make the injury heal completely and is more of a maintenance. After all, not all treatment leads to full recovery. Some patients require care for the rest of their lives due to the chronic nature of their injury.

Remember, because the OWCP file has been closed, your federal doctor will not be able to bill workers comp. You will have to pay out of pocket, or bill your private insurance if you are eligible.

Once the claim has been reopened, you can begin getting more treatment under the OWCP file. You will also be eligible to claim for compensation with the case permits.

Making sure you understand the proper procedures when your federal workers compensation claim is closed can save a lot of trouble in the future. Finding a federal doctor can be a great start to the process.

AmeriMed adds two offices in Tampa, Florida

Monday, July 29th, 2013

AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. joined the FedDoctor team earlier this year with offices in both Miami and Orlando, Florida. Now they have added their two Tampa Bay area clinics to the site.

With two prime locations, one in Central Tampa, and one in North Tampa, AmeriMed continues to lead the way in treating injured federal employees across the state of Florida. OWCP and DOL claims can be difficult to deal with, but having a medical facility that understands what your claims examiner is looking for can go a long way in making sure that you get the treatment and documentation that you need.

AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. has a huge variety of in house treatment options including diagnostics and IME reporting. The doctors and staff understand what federal employees are dealing with and how to treat them with the appropriate medical and reporting procedures.

Click or call today to start seeing your new federal workers compensation doctor in Florida. FedDoctor welcomes you!

News worth sharing twice!

Monday, May 20th, 2013

FedDoctor is so proud to let our loyal followers and new visitors know that we have added a  great practice in Florida and a new orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles California! We know we have already posted information about how you can get the care you need for your federal workers compensation claim in these regions, but this information is too good to not re-post!

Florida is long overdue for a good federal doctor that can treat injured OWCP claimants. AmeriMed has offices is Orlando and Miami Florida that can both treat and document your injury for the Department of Labor. With multiple doctors offering all kinds of in-house diagnostics, therapies, and treatments, this is a one-stop shop for all of your federal workers compensation injury needs.

Dr. Moshe Wilker has 5 offices all over Southern California. As an orthopedic surgeon that treats federal employees when they are hurt on the job, Dr. Wilker specializes in back and spine conditions as well as joint problems in the shoulder, knee, and hip. With offices in Los Angeles, Newport, Rancho Cucamonga, Fullerton, and Fresno, Dr. Wilker has an office near you and is ready to start treating your medical condition and helping you with your OWCP claim.

FedDoctor is always looking for new doctors that treat federal employee workers compensation claims. When we find them, we want you to know about it!!! Keep following us to keep up with the latest news and information to help you on your OWCP journey. We know that it is hard to find great doctors that are willing to battle the Department of Labor, but we are here to help you get the treatment you deserve. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and read our blog posts to get up to date information on the latest news about federal workers comp physicians.

Orlando has a new FedDoctor!

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Orlando has a FedDoctor now, too! AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. and Dr. Samy Bishai, are treating and helping federal employees with their OWCP workers compensation claims.

With multiple doctors offering orthopedic, primary care, chiropractic, osteopathic and therapeutic treatments, AmeriMed is your one stop shop in Central Florida. AmeriMed also offers in-house, MRI, EMG, NCV, CT, X-Ray as well as 6th Edition AMA Guides impairment rating evaluations for OWCP Schedule Award claims.

AmeriMed is dedicated to bringing quality treatment and documentation for federal workers compensation claimants to Florida. They have passion to serve their patients and are offering some of the most comprehensive care available to any injured person, not to mention the special care required to deal with the OWCP.

Federal doctors can be so difficult to find in general, let alone practices that dedicate such a large portion of their time to treating federal patients that were injured on-the-job. At-work injuries can be difficult enough without having to worry about whether your doctors understands how to effectively communicate with your claims examiner at the OWCP. AmeriMed can not only provide you with great treatment options covering all types of disciplines, but they have the reporting capacity to document your file, helping give you the evidence you will need to have a successful claim.

FedDoctor is proud to welcome AmeriMed Diagnostic Service, Inc. as our newest member and to be able to provide federal employees in the Sunshine State with quality coverage for their federal workers compensation medical needs. Visit their profile HERE.

New Orthopedic Surgeon in California!

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 is proud to announce that Dr. Moshe. H. Wilker is now a member of the FedDoctor community! Dr. Wilker is a board certified orthopedic surgeon that accepts OWCP Department of Labor patients. While focusing on spinal surgery, Dr. Wilker also operates on joints like shoulders, knees, and hips, among others.

Dr. Wilker’s main office location in Los Angeles, but also has satellite locations in Rancho Cucamonga, Newport, Fullerton and even up in Fresno California! Dr. Wilker, while certainly a leader in his field, is also very passionate about helping federal employees that have suffered on-the-job injuries. He knows that the OWCP can be a very frustrating government agency to work with, but dedicates a part of his practice to understanding the federal workers compensation rules and regulations to ensure his patients get the care that they need.

FedDoctor couldn’t be happier to welcome Dr. Wilker and his entire staff to the site. Give him a call to discuss your treatment options and see how they can help you navigate your OWCP claim.

FedDoctor has a new member in Miami, Florida!

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

South Florida is the newest city to have a FedDoctor! AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. has been treating federal employees since 2009. Dr. Samy F. Bishai, an orthopedic surgeon is the Medical Director and is proud to provide federal employees with an OWCP claim the best services in the area for their claims.

Miami has been long overdue for a FedDoctor and now AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. is making its presence known. With in-house diagnostics, a variety of therapies offered, as well as orthopedic, osteopathic, chiropractic, and psychologic evaluations available, they specialize in federal workers compensation. This can be a one stop shop for all of your federal compensation needs.

AmeriMed also offers special report writing for OWCP schedule awards and OPM disability retirement. The doctors at AmeriMed are passionate about serving federal employees.

Visit the AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. listing HERE and make your appointment to start getting the treatment and reporting that you need for your OWCP claim.


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