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As proof of just how hard it is to find a quality doctor that understands and appreciates federal workers compensation patients, FedDoctor hasn’t added a new doctor ┬áthis month!

We know where you are; a federal employee, hurt on the job, looking for help with your injury care and paperwork to make sure you get the benefits you deserve from the OWCP.

We want to help!

We are constantly searching out physicians and caregivers that want to help federal employees with the OWCP claims and healthcare. Federal workers compensation can be so confusing and frustrating, but a doctor that understands what is required can make the difference in your claim.

We are hot on the trail of new federal doctors to add to the site to make your work injury experience better. It will not fix all OWCP problems, but they can help you with the treatment and reports that you need as evidence for your injury claim.

Keep in contact with us to learn when we find physicians in your area. We already have members that participate in states all over the country. We want to find more doctors in your area so you and your friends and coworkers can get help when you need it.

Let us know if your doctor knows how to help federal employees. Our mission is to make it easy to get help with your OWCP claim.

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