The OWCP Causation Process

One reason that federal employees have difficulty getting their OWCP claims accepted is that their medical provider is not familiar with how to word a federal workers compensation medical narrative or causation report. That is not to say that their doctor doesn’t understand a medical condition or the treatment options, but simply that the majority of physicians and caretakers are not familiar with the federal workers compensation system and the special requirements that are necessary to satisfy the OWCP.

Whenever a federal employee is injured on the job, it is extremely important that they seek medical attention for their injuries and make sure that their doctor documents the cause of the injury. The Office of Workers Compensation Programs generally disputes cause of injury more than the injury’s existence. Many doctors are not concerned with cause, they are simply interested in treating the condition and returning the patient to a pre-injury state if possible. In a federal workers compensation claim, cause may be the most important factor in determining the acceptance of the claim.

The OWCP will not approve any treatment or compensation payments for lost time if the medical condition claimed is not accepted under the file. Finding a doctor who is familiar with the federal workers compensation system can be very difficult. We are trying to compile the most complete list of doctors who both understand and pursue federal employees. Use your zip code and search for a local doctor to help you get on your way to recovery.

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