Adding Doctors’ office numbers

One way that we help the physicians on our site is assistance with the patient inquiry process. Remember that we do not offer any treatment ourselves, we simply help you find the best federal doctors available. Our telephone number can be used to ask questions and talk about particular care providers who might be a good fit for you.

You may notice that we are adding the direct office numbers to many of the member doctors listed on the site. Our goal is that you get in touch with the right federal doctors, the ones who really know the OWCP and how the federal workers compensation offices process claims. That is why we are now including the direct line to the doctors’ offices on their listings.

Be sure to tell them that you found out about them here at We want everyone to know that we are trying to help federal employees and OWCP doctors make the connection that can mean the difference in an accepted and denied OWCP claim. Benefits from the federal workers compensation district offices can be fickle at best and downright difficult in many cases. If you have experience dealing with an on-the-job injury claim, you probably understand how important a competent doctor is when it comes to interacting with the OWCP.

Take the time to look around. This site is designed to help you, the federal employee, find the doctor that can make your federal workers compensation claim work.

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