What about a recurrence?

Injured federal employees often face one of the most unfamiliar puzzles in the federal workers compensation system: When do I file for a recurrence of injury?

Recurrence is a touchy subject and some OWCP claims examiners do not even fully understand the differences between a new injury, and aggravation of a pre-existing injury and a true recurrence.

There are two separate definitions you should be aware of: Recurrence of a medical condition, and recurrence of disability.

Recurrence of a medical condition is defined as the documented need for additional medical treatment after release from treatment for a work-related injury claim. Continuing, or getting additional treatments for the original injury is not part of recurrence a CA-2a is not required.

Recurrence of disability is a little different. A recurrence of disability is of course a work stoppage. However, it must be caused by a spontaneous return of symptoms, without an intervening cause, of a previously accepted OWCP claim’s medical condition. This can be either injury or occupational illness.

Recurrence of disability can also be filed on behalf of a consequential injury. A consequential injury is when an existing, accepted federal workers compensation claim injury/illness causes another medical condition or disability to arise because of impairment or weakening to the claimant.

A federal employee also must file a CA-2a form when a specific light duty assignment is withdrawn by the agency for some reason other than misconduct or non-performance of duty.

If a re-exposure to the cause of the original injury occurs, or a new incident contributes to your detrimental medical condition, that is not a recurrence, but a new injury and should be filed as such.

Consequential injuries, spontaneous worsening and withdrawal of light duty are the only reasons any federal employee should file a recurrence of injury CA-2a claim with the OWCP.

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