Federal Workers Compensation Doctors

If you are a federal employee, you know that the government systems are completely different from those of non-government employees. Workers compensation is no different.

The federal workers compensation system has a different set of rules and regulations than any state law. Because of that, it is very difficult to find doctors with an extensive knowledge about how to properly process claims with the OWCP.

While you may wish to get an attorney involved with your case, many are not capable of helping you unless you have a major claim that is already in posture for an award.

Getting your claim accepted by the OWCP can be the most difficult part of the process. If it is accepted, you may have trouble getting the necessary medical procedures approved and paid for by the workers compensation office. This is where you need to be sure that your physician understands the OWCP.

Doctors with real experience and understanding of the OWCP system are few and far between. Getting the right physician early in the claim process can mean the difference between a smooth claim and return to health and having to fight tooth and nail for even the simplest of requests.

Dealing with an on-the-job injury is frustrating enough without having to deal with compensation denials. We want you to get the medical attention that you need and the benefits that you are entitled to. Finding the best doctor in your area for your claim is the way to get your claim started right.

While you may eventually choose to, you do not have to switch your primary care to your federal doctor. Let them handle your federal workers compensation issues and help you get your claim moving in the right direction.

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