The American Medical Association 6th Edition Guidelines and the OWCP

Everyone who has everĀ filed for schedule award benefit fromĀ the OWCP is familiar with the AMA Guides to Rating a Permanent Impairment.

On May 1, 2009 the OWCP switched to the newest form of the book, the 6th Edition. This significantly changed the way doctors rate your permanent impairment.

Previously, under the 5th edition of the guides, most impairment was based on the loss of range of motion. The 6th edition changed to a more predominately diagnosis based impairment.

This can significantly change the way that your schedule award will be calculated. Remember that the federal government workers compensation office asks that the impairment ratings be done differently than almost every state law workers compensation. It is important that when it comes time to have your injury rated, that you get a doctor who is qualified and has experience working with the OWCP. members understand the process and how to do 6th edition AMA ratings on your OWCP accepted injury. Getting the calculation right is important, but they understand how to properly document and assign your impairment under your claim.

Remember that every doctor charges for these services differently, so make sure you call their office and request the cost of the report. This report will determine how much money you get for you injury. Even if it is out of pocket, it may be well worth your while to pay for this report.

Find your new impairment rating doctor here and get started on your recovery.

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