Expanding a federal workers compensation claim

In many cases, a claimants accepted OWCP claim does not include all the diagnosis the claimant is suffering from.

Sound confusing? Many doctors think so, too. That is why a federal doctor is so important. A doctor who has experience with the federal workers compensation programs knows that supplying the OWCP with conclusive medical evidence can be the difference in you getting you the treatment and benefits that you are entitled to.

If your injury is is accepted for a minor condition initially, but a new diagnosis becomes available after further tests, the claim needs to be upgraded to reflect the more serious condition. This can make the difference in how the OWCP processes requests for treatment now and later on in your life. This process is something most doctors are not exposed to in their normal, non-federal practices.

Most insurance providers do not care about cause of injury. They are in place to pay for care regardless of how the injury occurred. However, OWCP cares almost entirely about the causation of the conditions and requires as much objective testing and detailed narratives as you could imagine.

Federal doctors (ones who simply understand the federal system), know how to work with the OWCP to get your conditions accepted and move your treatment and benefits forward. These are the type of doctors you can find here on FedDoctor.com.

They can help you get treatment, establish a claim, and even help you get an impairment rating to help if you need to file for a schedule award or disability claim.

Search your zip code to find your new federal doctor today, and tell your friends!

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