We try to find doctors all the time!

Keep in mind, federal doctors are hard to come by!!!!

Our goal is that every federal employee can find a doctor within their commuting area that can offer them the treatment and medical support for their OWCP claims. Many doctors are unaware of how the federal workers comp system works and are reluctant to dedicate the time necessary to fully understand the process and accept new  federal claimant patients.

That’s OK! They are not required to become well versed in the language of OWCP. However, we want to help the federal world get help. Therein lies our work. We constantly scour the nation looking for exceptional physicians that take an active interest in helping federal employees with their workers compensation claims and benefits.

It takes time for us to find them and verify their interest and knowledge before we feel comfortable adding them to the sight. So please, leave us your info so that we can educate them about the crying need for there help. When we do find them, we will let you know that they are ready to accept your appointments.

Please search your area using your zip code as we have coverage in over 20 states and counting. We look forward to helping you find the care that you need.

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