More federal doctors in Oklahoma is please to announce the addition of federal doctors’ offices in Oklahoma.

At Rehabilitation of Oklahoma, Dr. Stephen Wilson has been treating federal employees that have ongoing OWCP claims in Tulsa and Oklahoma City for years and has two brand new offices in those communities. He has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about how the Office of Workers Compensation Programs works and understands that the reports that he produces are vital to your claim’s success.

Dr. Wilson also devotes an extraordinary amount of time to staying in tune with the latest requirements of the OWCP with regards to impairment ratings and evaluations. He has a command of the 6th Edition of the AMA Guides to Rating Permanent Impairment and can help you with your schedule award claim.

The Broadway Clinic of Oklahoma City also provides excellent treatment options for federal employees in the OKC area. Dr. J. Arden Blough has spent years learning the intricacies of the federal workers compensation system and in well versed in both the treatment and the documentation of a claim. Broadway Clinic can perform independent medical evaluations and impairment ratings to help you get the best documentation for your schedule award claim. works hard to make sure that federal employees have a place to go to find competent, quality care from a federal doctor that understands the OWCP and the requirements set for physicians who treat federal patients. We are proud that Oklahoma is home to such quality care providers. Check out their listings and make an appointment today.



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