Neurological Impairment? You need an EMG

An EMG or NCV (electromyography or nerve conduction velocity study) is a test that doctors use to evaluate electrical activity in your body. When you sustain an injury that affects your nervous system, an EMG can be used to measure what kind of deficits or impairments are present.

If you have suffered a spinal injury with radiating symptoms, an EMG/NCV can be used to identify which spinal nerve root is affected by the injury. EMG’s also are used for injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, lateral epicondylitis, and other peripheral nerve impairments.

If you have a federal workers compensation claim and you want to receive a schedule award for a neurological impairment, the 6th edition of the AMA Guides may require that an EMG be performed for the impairment evaluation.

Make sure to find a physician that can perform an EMG test and either give you the appropriate rating, or forward the results of the EMG to your rating doctor. You can begin searching for a doctor who understands the OWCP methods and can help you get what you are entitled to in your claim.



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