Why is a doctor important?

When a federal employee suffers an at-work injury, there are 3 major benefits that they may be entitled to:

1. Lost wage reimbursement

2. Medical treatment

3. Schedule Award

In order to be eligible for any of those compensation benefits, the injured employee must first establish that the injury is job-related and the most important helper that they can enlist is a qualified physician. FedDoctor.com helps federal employees find local federal doctors who have experience with the OWCP and the type of documentation that is necessary to get the claim off on the right foot.

Without the appropriate documentation, your OWCP claim will go nowhere! Remember, OWCP is not interested in your injury, only in your at-work  injury.

We are constantly searching for new doctors who dedicate a portion of their practice to helping federal workers compensation patients with the treatment and reports that you will need.

Enter your zip code or browse through the cities listed at the bottom of the homepage of FedDoctor.com to find a local doctor who can help you get the benefits that you are entitled to.

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