Does it cost money to see a federal doctor?

That is a question we are asked constantly.

First of all, any doctor can charge whatever they want, however they want. has no control over how each member runs his/her business. That being said, most member doctors are capable of and willing to bill OWCP for any and all treatment that is necessary under your accepted OWCP claim number.

Second, Permanent Partial Impairment Rating Reports (PPI) are elective and not covered by most regular insurance plans. They can be payable by OWCP if your claim is in posture for it. However, this is one area that varies greatly depending on the physician. Some physicians are happy billing OWCP for the impairment rating for your schedule award, others prefer that you pay up front. Keep in mind, that impairment ratings do take a significant amount of time and must be completed by the doctors themselves.

If you are unwilling to pay a doctor for the rating, they are not required to see you. Though many of our member physicians are happy to bill OWCP, some will only bill your claim if they are already giving you treatment and this is in the normal scope of what they are doing for you. If you are traveling in just for your impairment evaluation, it might cost you out of pocket. Consult with the doctor of your choice or your local doctor to find out what they charge, if anything.

The schedule award is a way you can get compensated for your permanent on the job injury. These doctors know how to help you get the right type of paperwork and evidence to assist you with it. Just remember that for that report, you have to pay them for it.

Finally, they are interested in helping you get better! They want to treat and manage your symptoms and conditions. correct diagnosis, expansion of your claim and getting adequate treatment is essential to a successful recovery and a successful claim. wants you to get the medical care that you need to return to best health possible and are proud to help you find the treatment you need.

Please tell your fellow union members to visit our site to help them get started on their road to recovery as well.

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