What if there is no local federal doctor where you live?

This is important! We need your help and so do all of your co-workers and fellow federal employees. If no doctor comes up in your zip code search, please leave us your contact information. Once we find a doctor in your area we will contact you to let you know. We may be in the process of adding a new federal doctor in your local community right now and would have no way of informing you unless we have your contact information.

In the interim, you can search the zip code of your closest major city to see if one is there. You might be interested in a commute if it meant help with your OWCP claim.

Federal workers compensation claims are difficult and confusing. An OWCP doctor is working for the agency to determine if you are ready to return to work. A federal doctor, like the ones found on our site, is on your side making sure you are treated fairly. We want to help you find quality care and get the documentation that you need for your claim.

While you may not need to be anywhere near a federal attorney, we know that you need a doctor that you can see for treatment. However, if you need an impairment rating in order to file for a schedule award, most of our member doctors are familiar with how to rate using the 6th Edition of the AMA Guides. You do not need to treat regularly with them; you can visit them for a one time appointment.

Remember, you can help us and your fellow federal employees by leaving us your information and continuing to check our blogs, Twitter, and Facebook for udpdates on new doctors as we continue to find them.

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