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Why is it hard to find a federal doctor? Part 1

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

The federal workers compensation system is spread out through the entire nation and even serves civil servants over seas. While it does not cover the armed forces, it does include people who work on military installation around the globe as civilians.

The federal workers comp laws are governed by FECA, the Federal Employees Compensation Act, and is administered by the OWCP (Office of Workers Compensation Programs). The OWCP has a number of regional office across the country that divide the federal population. (Click here for a list of District Offices)

More than 2.5 million people are covered under FECA, which adjudicates all workers compensation injuries for federal employees. Filing a claim after a work injury is the start of a process that may last only a few short days or for the rest of your life. Hopefully, none of you are injured severely.

Unfortunately, the nature of work requires us to perform services and duties and in the course of performing such work, injuries, sometimes serious, will occur.

The federal workers compensation provides benefits to those injured on the job. Whether it is simply medical care, lost wage reimbursement, or payment for permanent damage to the employee, FECA is the exclusive remedy for employer liability.

We at are focused on helping injured feds find local physicians that can provide quality care and understand the extra work and requirements that the federal government asks of treating doctors.

Most private sector companies have to purchase workers compensation insurance in case an at work accident or exposure injures one of their employees. The Federal Government decided to self-insure. They created the laws and the administration under the Department of Labor to handle the cases and payments for their own claimants internally.

Hence, the OWCP was born.

However, the OWCP decided to use a very large human resource company called ACS (Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.) to handle the medical payouts to the claimants doctor and treatment facilities. They actually work hand-in-hand to process medical fees and payments when the OWCP has determined that the injury is indeed related to the claimant’s employment with the federal government.

To be Continued…

OWCP Forms 101

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Which form does what? Of course most federal employees are not familiar with OWCP forms because they’ve never had an on the job injury. But if you or someone you know does ever have an injury, you must know which forms do what!

Here is a quick and simple refreshment to help us all remember some of the most important forms involved with OWCP Federal Workers Compensation claims.

CA-1  Notice of Traumatic Injury and Claim for Continuance of Compensation

CA-2  Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation

CA-2a  Notice of Recurrence

CA-7  Claim for Compensation (leave without pay, leave buy back, other wages, schedule award)

CA-10  What a federal employee should do when injured at work

CA-17  Duty Status Report

CA-20  Attending Physician’s Report

OWCP-5a  Work Capacity Evaluation Psychiatric/Psychological Conditions

OWCP-5b  Work Capacity Evaluation Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Conditions

OWCP-5c  Work Capacity Evaluation Musculoskeletal Conditions

OWCP-915  Claim for Medical Reimbursement

OWCP-957  Medical Travel Refund Request

There are many more forms that may be used during the course of a federal employees workers compensation claim and you can find the full list and links to these forms here.

If your doctor is not familiar with these forms, share this information with them. It is vitally important to all federal employees with ongoing OWCP workers compensation claims that their doctor understands how to help them keep their ligament claim alive! This again is why exists. To help connect injured federal employees with doctors who understand OWCP.




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